Posted by: Tia | January 19, 2009

As you BE, so shall you SEE – A new Year Story

A New Year Story..   

Note: This is an excerpt from the January Inspired by Fun! ezine. To sign up for free monthly issues visit the website



Inspired by Fun! Happy New YearLast Sunday a girl was walking home from a course and thinking about who she was being this year – connected, loving, inspiring, happy etc. 

On the way, she impulsively bought some pretty blue flowers – it had been years since she did that, so she sure surprised herself.

She then stopped by the supermarket and while there, let a little old lady cut the line in front of her. The lady walked very slowly with a cane and was wearing a blue coat the exact same color as the flowers. So she gave her one of the flowers, chatted a bit and left. 

As she walked away, something made turn around and go back to the lady, giving her the entire bouquet and telling her she was a beautiful, beautiful lady. The lady was surprised and kept insisting she wanted to give the girl something in return. Bless her dear heart! So the girl took the 1st little flower back.

If only you’d been there to see the look on the lady’s face and the way she squeezed the girl’s hand – it was enough to have her skipping all the way home. And those flowers suddenly were more than just that.

She realised this was no co-incidence. It was the Universe bringing her the chance to say YES to connecting with ‘strangers’ and as a result, being who she intended to be! 

And you know what else? On the last day of every course that girl took over the past 3 months, she lost something. Her wallet, her pen, little things like that. 

This time, she lost the wall that used to keep her from connecting with people in a vain attempt to protect herself. And as she “BE’s” more of who she wants to be, her intentions manifest that much quicker. Could this be your story too?


Ps: How’s saying YES to more in life working for you – got any successes/challenges to share? I’ll feature the best response in the next issue so email me by Feb 10th.

Note: This is an excerpt from the January Inspired by Fun! ezine. To sign up for free monthly issues visit the website


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