Posted by: Tia | October 27, 2008

What sells News?

Watching the news today.. the murders of Jennifer Hudson’s family and the beautiful young TV anchor from Arkansas, the young girls who perished in a BC fire … while it makes me so sad to hear about such tragedies, It also leads me to wonder ~ 

How come its mostly bad stuff that makes the news?

Why is it that crime makes the national headlines everyday? Now I remember why I don’t like watching the news so much.

Isn’t it about time to start national and international news with “Here’s something WONDERFUL that happened in the world today”? When will we see the day that happens? 

What if we ALL started our day making our own bit of good news!?

Good Morning and thank you for tuning in. Let me tell you about some REALLY GREAT stuff that happened today around the world  ~~ Millions of Mama’s kissed their babies awake and made breakfast for their families (a lot of the daddies did too!). An equal number of Dad’s loved their families and gave hugs all around.

Everywhere people looked, there were smiles, laughter, hugs and Hello’s.

Nature waved cheerily and shook off bright orange, yellow and red leaves from her trees in the Nothern Hemisphere. And melted the snow under a sunny blue sky in the Southern Hemisphere.

Positivity abounded as people realised what really mattered to them – LOVE. Happiness. Family. Friends. 

You see World, there is Faith and Beauty all around us. Let us now start focusing on that as we start each day.

Whats good in the world, rather than the bad.

Love, not fear.

What’s something wonderful that happened in your world today?



  1. I totally agree. Sometimes the news just makes me sick – I can’t stand it. I know there has to be BETTER stuff to report on, but unfortunately, the bad things make the headlines. I never ever watch the news before bedtime because I try to keep positive thoughts at that time. I like to browse the internet to get my ‘knowledge of the news’ so that I can skip over any of the bad parts! It’s just plain horrible! Let’s make a “Happy News” station and people can tune in to see the happiness that is going on! 🙂 I remember back when I was growing up they had engagement announcements/ baby of the day/ dogs of the day – do they even have these things anymore? It’s all about breaking news.. dum dum dum – murders, thieves, rapes, fires, disasters. Enough to make one sick!

  2. WOW what a wonderful idea Rebekah!! A Happy News station sounds wonderful, and I think we should totally do it 😀

    I remember laughing at the local news in Queenstown, NZ where I lived – the headlines in the local paper and even on the National news would crack me up with stuff like “Shrek the Sheep”

    Now, I really appreciate the lack of tragic news they had and wish I could hear more of the seemingly nonsensical news that tells me how lucky I am that there is less bad and tons more good stuff to read about!

    Maybe we should start a worldwide campaign to make all news telecasts start with GOOD news! And end with good news 🙂 Thanks for making us smile girl! xx

  3. Hi Tia,

    We’ve got to go out and create good news! In one weekend our company went out and collected $17K worth of goods & gift cards for 2 families in need. And 90 of us went to the homeless shelter to volunteer for the morning. We got 2 1/2 minutes of coverage on Global TV – for the 6:00 pm, 11:00 pm news and then the breakfast show the next morning. We had such a blast doing it. The best way to change the news is to let them know when you’re doing something outstanding. If we all got together and did billions of brilliant things, they’d have nothing left to report but good news!

    Just a little thought I had.


  4. Good point, Tia, VERY good point! I was stuck hearing the news when my ex stayed with me for 2 weeks straight – he seems to thrive on bad news and conspiracy theories, go figure! He and I have children together, but since I raised them while he struggled with immaturity issues, the kids do laugh a LOT, and we don’t watch the news so much.

    We did watch some of the presidential campaign, though – what can I say? It was entertaining AND informative – I loved the players! I was surprised when my laid-back, nonchalant son watched the VP debates. Ah, yes! Very entertaining!

    Seriously, though, the best way to hear good news is to go out and make it happen. Oh, yes, and SMILE A LOT! Get out and open the door for a mom struggling with a bunch of kids. She may be too distracted to thank you for it, but kids are fascinating to observe, so you still get something out of it!


    PS – Check out a great book called, “Fabulosity”, by Kimora Lee Simmons, president of the Baby Phat clothing line for women. I bought it for my daughter a few years ago, and it’s LOVELY. We’re both reading it again since it has a lot of practical information and Kimora Lee is so inspirational!

  5. There’s a BOOK called Fabulosity? I thought I invented the word LOL. Its on my list now, thanks for that Marquina!

    I’d have to agree with smiling a LOT too 😀 I often sing out a hello or good day to people (esp the little old ladies with their shopping bags and people with dogs and babies and .. oh heck everyone!) as I walk by a street and its lovely to see them smile back even though some of them are halfway across the street past me before they realise I was smiling at them 😉 Haha!

    I love your’s and Sharon’s take on the news angle ~ go out and make it happen!

    Sharon, what a WONDERFUL and inspiring story you shared here thank you so much for showing us the joy that comes from collaboration and giving 🙂

    Thank you both for sharing and inspiring anyone who reads this post, you rock!

    ps: I watched the entire election results too and was suitably impressed with McCain’s amazing grace and Obama’s sincerity, now thats GOOD news – the “loser” and the “winner” both vibing good energy for mankind .. WIN WIN!!

  6. Have a post to your new site. Couldn’t find a send button (or figure out how to send it to you… I’m on a MAC. Is there a secret?)

    Here’s what I wrote:Hey Tia!

    I’ve been reading your posts on Jeannette’s blog for some time. Checked out your site (nice!) and struck by a familiarity…
    Is it you?
    Is it a Vancouver background?
    The rain… today’s sunny, a bright welcome after days of rain…
    We (me & kid) are in Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast.
    Do we share somewhat similar weather forecasts?


    p.s. don’t know how to send this message to you…

  7. It is a shame that news outlets (papers, magazines, TV, radio) only produce what rates. What rates is shocking, horror, scary, or as I like to call it – Who Died and How.

    I have given up on newspapers and the news in general. Even the quality papers in Australia are going more Tabloid – because that’s what sells.

    My personal rule of thumb is that I don’t buy the paper. I may flick through one in a cafe (usually to read the comics or do a suduko) or flick through it is a friend buys it, but I don’t miss it.

    I also don’t watch the news. I seek out what i want to know. What I want to know is who has succeeded. What has happened on our world that will lift my spirit. What is drenched in Fabulosity?(to steal Tia’s word)

    I find I am far happier for it.

    Just my $0.02

    Warwick Merry
    The Get More Guy

  8. I agree with you so much. I think you should start your own sparkling news story and collecting sparkly stories and post them. The whole world needs more cheering up and more people like you.


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