Posted by: Tia | September 25, 2008

This is your Life, Dare to Create it!

A wonderful inspirational visual to start your day! I look at it every morning as I wake 🙂
Your Life is a Dream come true – It is what you chose for yourself by your thoughts and actions, knowingly in some cases, unknowingly in others. Do you sometimes wonder how you got to where you are? And now that you are here, maybe it’s time to ask yourself – Is this where I want to be? If the answer is yes, a round of applause for you, my friend. You are living a life full and rich!

If your answer is no, perhaps it’s time to look at WHERE you want to be? Being Who? Doing What? And Why? I encourage you to spend some time with these questions if you want more for and from your life than you are currently creating.

Remember – This is YOUR life, YOU get to choose what you want in it and YOU get to create it! When you have a destination, you will find a way to get there so dream on, dream big and start living the life you want. Being the person you truly are. But first, find out who that person really is.



  1. Nice words… it’s important to make a sympol for u to remember u with these tricks of happy life

    thanks for this beautiful photo

  2. Empowering words & challenge! I’ve found that it’s a good idea to continually check in on this front because it is so easy to wander. In fact, it takes dedication and love of yourself to continually move towards where you want to be. But, the rewards are tremendous! Thanks for the inspiration :~)

  3. Thank you for sharing Cassandra! I so agree with you… It is NO challenge at all to stay where you are … moving towards our goals is what stretches and grows us in enriching ways ay 🙂 And how wonderful is it that writing about the Life I want and acting as though I have it is making it more real everyday!? Love it!

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