Posted by: Tia | September 23, 2008

When its meant to be, it WILL BE!!

Harking back to my 1st post .. when I was Stuck in the Scaries about having “lost the opp” to start a Life Coaching course this year … I’d been looking at various options for a month and nothing felt right. I wanted an In-person course and all I could find were tele courses.

Come Sept 16th and I reaffirmed and this time, posted my intention (created Sept 4th initially) to start a course this month. Well, the very same day I decided to ask Zoe and Jeannette for their take on coaching institutes and got great insights. Jeannette talked about CTI, so on an impulse I checked out the website, went “hmmmm I remember seeing this one how come I didn’t explore it further?”, idly looked at their schedule and … nearly jumped into the ‘puter screen!!! 

There was a course starting in THREE days, IN Vancouver, IN PERSON and I would be ‘done’ by Feb 09! Oh.My.God. Well guess what? After a minute of staring at the page, It took me all of FIVE, yes, 5 minutes to make a decision. There was one spot left, the last one, and as it turns out, that spot was waiting for ME.

I didn’t get over it for hours – the synchronicity of finding the perfect one for me after dilly dallyin for weeks. The course turned out to be amazing, the facilitators ROCK harder than Mick Jagger, the participants are brave, brilliant people with a purpose, and the entire experience inspired and grew us like taffy being pulled in a 100 different soul stretching ways.

What did I say? When its meant to be, it WILL be 🙂 Another great example of “the timing is always perfect, even when it takes some time cooking”. And even having my wallet stolen at Starbucks later that evening can’t take away from THIS truth (well whats with the whole losing my identity (cards) thing? I’m sure there is a learning involved – lose one identity, gain a new one? Ooooo I like that, I’m going with that!))

I would LOVE to hear if you have had a similar experience – where you really wanted something but it just wasn’t happening, and then as soon as you set an intention, BooM, it fell right into your lap in some strange, miraculous, unexpected or amazing ways … ?



  1. Love it!

    Hey -Over the weekend I found a great source for Meditations — I had listened to this particular practitioner before and really enjoyed her voice and the very light music in the background.

    Well, I have finally found her website and was so happy to find how easy it is to download the meditations that I want (very affordable too!)

    If you are looking to find some special and specific meditations – I encourage you to check out Debbie Friedman’s site for a complete listing of her products.

    You can follow this link (paste into your browser)

    to see her website and you can also listen to samples of her CD’s and MP3’s.

    Let me know if you like this site and if you purchase any meditations – I would love to hear your feedback.

    I’ve had some major shifts after listing to various Meditations – and you can download two free Meditations — AND, when you email to ask questions she answers so quickly! Love that — talk about synchronicity! Way Cool!

    Cheers, P.

  2. This is a cool topic, Tia – thanks for bringing it up!

    I often find that when I really really want something, the best thing for me to do is remember life is gonna be JUST fine whether and when it happens – or not.

    It helps me release attachment and resistance, which is often what greases the magic wheels and lets it in swiftly.

    Great writing! Keep it up! 🙂


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