Posted by: Tia | September 16, 2008

What do I want in my Rainbow? What do YOU?

What do I want and intend to have in my life? I’m putting this out into the Universe, in writing, so that I am reminded of it daily and stay aligned with my desires. As I write, I believe this is already happening and I get so excited thinking about it, I know I’m on the right track ūüôā

My rainbow of life and intentions includes the following ~ ~

  • I intend to be a highly successful personal development workshop facilitator for kids and adults, facilitating at least 4 workshops a year.
  • I intend to be a respected, admired and successful Life Coach, creating value, inspiring and coaching people to live their best lives ever!
  • The best, funnest, healthiest, connected, exciting¬†and most¬†inspiring and loving relationship ever!
  • I intend to be an amazing wife, mom and friend and person ( I love repeating this one over and over!! I am SUCH a great mom in the making!! :D).
  • I¬†travel to a new country and take at least 3 vacations with my family every year!
  • I¬†have many close, intimate friendships with amazing FUN people and see them every week!
  • I¬†have LOTS and LOTS and LOTS¬†of fun, play and fun!!
  • I intend to create and be part of a wonderful community of likeminded LOA practioners.
  • I am fit, healthy, full of stamina, cook 3X a week, and have a 24″ waist again!
  • I intend to be happy, healthy, joyful and full of love!¬†

My September Intentions which I am checking off as they happen:

  • I am starting my Life Coaching course and well on my way to manifesting my new career. Check!¬†Start CTI training on¬†Sept 19, 2008!!
  • I am an active blogger & a big part of personal development communities that I love. Check! Started Sept 11, 2008!!
  • Dr Wang tells me my braces will be off by 1st November 2008.¬†Check! On Sept 9, 2008 I was told this is the last stage,¬†off end October!!
  • I am working part time with kids, assisting in pers devt / coaching workshops, writing articles and offered many more opportunities to make money doing what I love!¬†
  • Jeannette’s coaching is helping me to really truly focus on making my dreams come true. She is the best $$ I ever spent on myself!! Check! Sept 24 – ¬†1 sesh and I totally SEE me DOiNG IT!!
  • My life rocks and my¬†friendships are getting stronger, better, closer and more fun than ever!!¬†Check! Sept 19 – 21, Made some amazing new friends, and existing friendships getting all of the above ūüėĬ†
  • I am eating healthy good food, excercising 5 times a week and¬†in the BEST shape of my life thus far. Check! I’ve got started on this one, cooked for myself thrice in one week (hugeee!) and been walking lots everywhere. On the way to Best!
  • And a few more secret ones which will be revealed when it is time!! >: )

I now have the connection, inspiration, love, happiness, peace, fulfilment, financial freedom, fun, laughter, respect, support and intimacy I desire. The Universe is conspiring on my behalf!

I invite you to do the same!¬†How about¬†it then? Today? Now? Right NOW!? Go on, don’t get caught up in the hows and if, write down what you really want.¬†Don’t be afraid to make¬†it as fantastic¬†as you want, just lay out what your heart really wants, and see how that makes you feel .. As each desire is manifested, just KNOW that all the others will be too!



  1. I want Peaches, lots and lots of Peaches.

    Oh, and on the side: perfect health, full self realization and unlimited prosperity.

    Thanks for asking.


  2. Simple and joyous ūüôā And something tells me you have what you want! Thanks for stopping by Katie I love the energy and good vibes you bring along with you! xx

  3. I want to disagree with what you write, but I dont find a way (link) where i can click and say “i dont agree completely with your philosophy” ? What you say is open to immense discussion, I just cant find a way on your site to tell you how wrong you are on some of the topics u refer to.

  4. Hi anon,

    Why debate the truth of attraction? Try it for yourself for a month or so; it’s extremely simple, as simple as deliberately feeling good. If it doesn’t work, if your life doesn’t improve, well, you’ve proved your point. If it does work, if your life experience does become more enjoyable, well, it could be an indication that you’d be well served to expand your belief system a little.

    The Law or Attraction is 100% guaranteed or your misery back.


  5. Dear Anon,

    (((I want to disagree with what you write, but I dont find a way (link) where i can click and say ‚Äúi dont agree completely with your philosophy‚ÄĚ ? )))

    Here is the good part – you dont have to agree with what I write ūüôā I’m glad you found it stirred up enough for you to comment.

    (((IWhat you say is open to immense discussion, )))

    Of course it is! Everything in life is open to discussion. If we blindly accepted what someone said, we would never learn through our own experiences. Discussion, application and experience – what better ways to learn? Its taken me 5 years of study, research and living these principles to see how much i have actually manifested in my life! I am 1000 times happier, more aware, and take responsibility for my actions, all of which make for a much richer life than I have ever led thus far.

    ((((I just cant find a way on your site to tell you how wrong you are on some of the topics u refer to)))

    I think you just did ūüôā But i wont hold that against you as your opinion is yours and perfectly valid for you. Everything I have talked about is a reality in my life. I am happy, loved, succesful, and living my ideal life everyday. Thinking about what I want sure has worked for me once I got past the fear of what people would think …

    Like Katie says, try it. Its hard to expand our comfort zones and do something new, but what have you got to lose? If you apply the Law of Attraction in your life and it doesn’t work for you, feel free to never use the principle again. Simple.

    Btw, thank you again, for taking the time to express your views, I appreciate it. Maybe my response will help someone else wondering about LOA. Have a lovely day! ūüôā

  6. Hey — love the list and the CHECK!

    Which CTI course are you taking? I am so glad that you found one!!!!

    Cheers, P.

  7. Thanks Phillis! I found this course just a few days ago – it starts today, ends Feb 6th! Its the entire program just before the certification process. In person training, one entire weekend a month and just a 15 min walk from where I live. SO perfect for me!!! Got an extra day today so off to class soon. EXCITING! Sorry we won’t be class buddies though!

  8. That is so wonderful — you, my friend, manifested the PERFECT course for You! Yippie . . . . let me know how the first day goes and everything! Cheers, P.

    PS on your Blog page – at the top – what is the photo of (city?)

  9. Wow it waS JUST INCREDIBLE Phillis, thanks for asking :)!! Only 4 hours today but I feel like I have learned so much :O We did lots of role plays and 12 minutes of actually coaching each other.

    Tmrw n sunday is 8 hrs each – I smiled so much thru out the day cos I was SO happy and everything is soo happening perfectly, just as it should! Ha hahaha! I will tell you more about it tmrw.

    Oh and the pic is Vancouver – Main Street, Science World, I took it walking home from work back in July. Gorgeous ay? ūüôā

  10. I had a feeling that it was Van . . . only been through a few times . . . very exciting city! Good Vibes on your coaching and of course best weekend ever for you . . . awaiting to hear about the coaching!

    Cheers, P.

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